The Retirement Home

By: Che Barnes

I had an experience where I went to visit my Grandparents at the Calfioniran, the retirement home in Woodland that was now their home. I always dreaded it. But in this case I decided to do it. You just go.  It was a nice day, stopped by at 11:40 or so, walked to the dining hall and they were at their table with all these other old folks there.

I went in and started off with a case of projecting myself as a positive and happy person.  The room is intrinsically a room of resignation and defeat. People who can’t take care of themselves.  At the sunset of their lives.  Since I am there I might as well be positive and happy.  To be young among those and not be positive and happy would be to show of disregard to the situation in the room.

Being happy is all about being thankful for what you do have and you don’t know what you do have unless it is relative to those around you.

I sat there, my grandfather was up trying to make everything happy or okay.  There was blank spot for a guy with a wheelchair.  They were expecting their friend Harold who was in a wheel chair.

Harold showed up a little later, he was a pilot. 



By: Thaddeus Barsotti